How to start on Bookstagram

Hi guys! When I first started talking about books on Instagram, there wasn't a lot of people doing it in France. Actually, Bookstagram wasn't a thing in the country yet. So we could do pretty much anything we wanted and still have a great engagement. I found back some pictures from my early Bookstagram page … Lire la suite How to start on Bookstagram

10 very random facts about me

Hi guys! I realized our community is almost at 200 people and̶ 𝗜̶ ̶𝗮̶𝗺̶ ̶𝘃̶𝗲̶𝗿̶𝘆̶ ̶𝗺̶𝘂̶𝗰̶𝗵̶ ̶𝗳̶𝗿̶𝗲̶𝗮̶𝗸̶𝗶̶𝗻̶𝗴̶ ̶𝗼̶𝘂̶𝘁̶ I think it is more than time you get to know me a bit better. You already might know a bit of my blogger's and reader's life, since I posted some articles about it already. But there … Lire la suite 10 very random facts about me