How to start on Bookstagram

Hi guys! When I first started talking about books on Instagram, there wasn't a lot of people doing it in France. Actually, Bookstagram wasn't a thing in the country yet. So we could do pretty much anything we wanted and still have a great engagement. I found back some pictures from my early Bookstagram page … Lire la suite How to start on Bookstagram

10 very random facts about me

Hi guys! I realized our community is almost at 200 people and̶ 𝗜̶ ̶𝗮̶𝗺̶ ̶𝘃̶𝗲̶𝗿̶𝘆̶ ̶𝗺̶𝘂̶𝗰̶𝗵̶ ̶𝗳̶𝗿̶𝗲̶𝗮̶𝗸̶𝗶̶𝗻̶𝗴̶ ̶𝗼̶𝘂̶𝘁̶ I think it is more than time you get to know me a bit better. You already might know a bit of my blogger's and reader's life, since I posted some articles about it already. But there … Lire la suite 10 very random facts about me

Review | The Priory of the Orange Tree, Samantha Shannon

VF par les éditions de Saxus Reps: wlw main couple, mlm side couple. Queer and POC character cast, but specificities aren't mentioned.TWs & CWs: death, poison, murder, torture and mention of torture. Mention of death of a loved one. Grief.VF: "Le Prieuré de l'Oranger" chez De SaxusNiveau VO: Intermédiaire - Difficile. ★★★★★ A world divided. … Lire la suite Review | The Priory of the Orange Tree, Samantha Shannon

Review | Yes, No, Maybe so, Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

VF (Hachette - 2020) Reps: Muslim MC, Jewish MC, bi side character.TWs & CWs: racist behaviours, anti-semitic comments, mention of divorced parents, missing parent.VF: disponible aux éditions Hachette Romans.Niveau d'anglais: Facile - Intermédiaire. ★★★★ Jamie Goldberg is cool with volunteering for his local state candidate - as long as he’s behind the scenes. There’s no … Lire la suite Review | Yes, No, Maybe so, Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

Review | Full Disclosure, Camryn Garrett

Reps: Bisexual black HIV positive MC, bisexual asexual side character, mlm hispanic side character and black side character, queer and diversity cast. TWs and CWs: mention of mental abuse. VF: "Positive" le 19 Novembre chez la Collection R de Robert Laffont. Niveau d'anglais: Facile-Intermédiaire. ★★★★ "Simone Garcia-Hampton is starting over at a new school, and … Lire la suite Review | Full Disclosure, Camryn Garrett