The ultimate guide to a perfect reading weekend

Hi guys !
As an over-productive person (still working on it, I promise), it is often very difficult for me to rest. And I don’t mean stopping one second to grab a cup of water – and most of the time it would be coffee anyway. I am talking about real rest, two days straight, real weekend.

I think the pandemic situation put us all students in a weird situation, somewhere between working by ourselves and being supported. Having online classes meant I had less classes and more time to get anxious about my classes, and I entered a loop I started to hate but couldn’t get out of. And I am still stuck in it, in a way, I work for class on weekend and on the evenings… So yeah, I had to come up with ideas to rest for a bit. And this is all I came up with The ultimate guide to a perfect reading weekend.

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1/ Grab a book

Yes, captain obvious, congratulation. Just start by grabbing a book, or even better, build a little TBR! Do not put any pressure on yourself though, because by forcing yourself to do something you won’t be this happy to do it. It’s like when you had to read books for school, it wasn’t a great experience, right? You need to choose the book(s) you really want to read, by keeping in mind that it is not about the number of pages, or about how popular the book is, or about a good it will look on your Instagram feed for your review, or even about the fact you promised to read it. Just choose the book that you want to read the most, the one that is calling for you on your bookshelf.

2/ Why not taking part in a readathon?

If you look over in the book community, on blogs or Instagram or even Tik Tok now – I feel old some times, not gonna lie – there are a lot of readathon everywhere. Readathon that last weeks, months and the most common ones – the weekend or day readathon. Clara from the Instagram @thebookwormofnotredame always organize several readathons a year, seasonal ones! They usually last a weekend and you have very fun prompts and bingo to fill! That can be a nice way to give you some reading inspiration if you don’t know what to read. Also, I am planning a week readathon inspired by Friends, and I can’t wait! It will happen on my Instagram page, stay tuned!

3/ Plan it – or not

When I am to have a big reading and resting weekend, I know I have to plan it, because I know myself. If I don’t plan anything, I will end up scrolling through Instagram or worse, work all weekend. I know working is not bad, but resting is always important, even more if you have a lot on your mind. When I have to plan it, I get my reading journal out, open it to a new page and start a layout. TBR, goals for the weekend, recipes I want to try, other things I might want to do… Here are some of my articles if you need inspiration for your planning.

Yes, because that’s the thing:

4/ It is not only about reading

Okay, I know: Why did you call it a perfect reading weekend then? You got me. But, having a reading weekend doesn’t have to mean you are going to read from the second you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, that would be bad for both your eyes and your brain – I guess. It is also the opportunity to try new recipes, or start a new TV show, or even to write some. I always try to give themes to my reading weekends: romance, chick-lit, fantasy, sci-fi, and I will do other things regarding this theme. Here are some fun prompts you can use:

  • Trope reading weekend: found-family, enemies to lovers, childhood friends to lovers, forbidden love…
  • Genre reading weekend: fantasy, sci-fi, romance, non-fiction, short-stories, poetry…
  • Authors reading weekend: some of my favourite being Laini Taylor, Lauren James, Kacen Callender, Alice Oseman…
  • Book series reading weekend: The Grishaverse, The Shadowhunters Chronicles, Daughter of Smoke and Bones, The Smoke Thieves…
  • Movie/TV adaptation reading weekend: the list would be too long!

5/ Share it !

Usually, I am more the type to say TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIAS. But here, sharing your fun reading weekend can be a cool way to keep you going, to help you commit to it, and the share things with an online community – or your friends! I know I love to share my readathon on my Instagram (@abookflower) because I will be able to talk about the books I am reading with other people, I’ll be able to talk about the TV shows I am watching, get some inspiration as well! I think we underestimate the positive side of social medias too much some times.

Okay you guys, this is all for today! What are your tips for a perfect reading weekend?
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