10 very random facts about me

Hi guys!
I realized our community is almost at 200 people and̶ 𝗜̶ ̶𝗮̶𝗺̶ ̶𝘃̶𝗲̶𝗿̶𝘆̶ ̶𝗺̶𝘂̶𝗰̶𝗵̶ ̶𝗳̶𝗿̶𝗲̶𝗮̶𝗸̶𝗶̶𝗻̶𝗴̶ ̶𝗼̶𝘂̶𝘁̶ I think it is more than time you get to know me a bit better. You already might know a bit of my blogger’s and reader’s life, since I posted some articles about it already. But there isn’t much about the human me around here, and I wanted to share some things with you.

Unfortunately, I am not very good at listing stuff I like, stuff I dislike and producing organized stuff. So to go with my messy personality, I decided to deliver 10 Random facts about me on this post, as they come to my mind. Here we go!

I am a roller-skater

This is something I am highly proud of, because I’d never thought I was capable of such a thing. I started roller skating a few months ago but my roller skates aren’t good ones (bought them very cheap – don’t do that) and they are quite dangerous as well. I ordered a pair of Moxi Beach Bunnies I should normally receive in a few days after months waiting! Can’t wait !

I am very – very – clumsy

Actually, I have proprioception issues. Proprioception is the perception you have of your body and the space around you. Let’s say that mine is not very good. In fact, it takes me weeks if not months to get used to a place and I can be as cautious as I want, I’ll always hurt myself the stupidest ways possible or break things. This is something I find funny – I mean, that’s my body so yeah – but some times it can be quite upsetting. Even more when in books and movies the clumsy girls are always the cute innocent girls – nop.

I was born on the Day of the Dead

Yes, hi fellow people from the 2nd of November! This is a random fact I love to tell people for some reason – yeah, my life sounds so boring right now aha.

I am obsessed with Arthurian Legends

I don’t even know when it started, to be honest. Maybe as a kid, when I used to watch The Sword in the Stone or later while discovering Arthurian retellings and reading them on repeat. I just love those myths and stories, and there is so much to learn!

I used to be a Directioner

I know, some people say Once a Directioner, always a Directioner but honestly, I think it is behind me. I still have some One Direction songs on my playlist, but it doesn’t touch me as much as it used to when I was fourteen or fifteen. I’ve even been to a 1D question in Paris, and it was an insane event. I will never forget how their songs made me feel, but I will never feel this listening to them again. And it is fine, everyone changes and that’s an amazing thing.

I always name my plants depending on my current read

Yes, this why some of my plants are called Magnus, Guinevere or Karou.

I am very organized – for a messy person

Okay, before you start telling me it makes no sense: it does. It only means that, if I don’t plan pretty much everything I do, I will end up doing random things and get nothing done. If I don’t clean and tidy my place everyday, it quickly becomes a hell hole. Oh, and don’t take my Bullet Journal for a proof I am an over-achiever or something, it just helps me not to get overwhelmed by everything.

I used to take part in equestrian competitions

Well, I actually rode horses for nine years before moving to Paris. I took part in some endurance, cross and acrobatic competition. I loved it as it was the biggest part of my life. But you know, stuff happen and you have to leave things behind. And horse-riding + owning a mare became too expensive anyway.

My second name is Camille

Told you those facts were random facts.

My fingers are all crooked

Yes, I couldn’t think of anything more to say so I looked down and saw those pretty boys on the keyboard. I used to find them disgusting but now I adore the particularity, it’s charming.

What about you ? Can you tell me some random facts about yourselves in the comments? I am very curious!

To know more about me, check this out !
Have a nice evening/day wherever you are in the world !

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