Week round-up #14

Hi guys!
I hope you all spent a nice week. Mine was somehow very productive regarding school and reading, that’s such a great news. I don’t like to be over-productive but I have to admit I can be a bit of an over-achiever some times. It it not always a great thing, but when you are about to graduate I think it is not this bad.

Favourite quote of the week

Maybe wisdom doesn’t need to shatter the earth. It just needs to feel true.

Kate in Waiting, Becky Albertalli

Books I’ve read

I really loved Sexuality, a graphic guide. It was very complete and clear and inclusive. It wasn’t only about sexuality and the act of it, but about how our culture, society and history can influence it. But it also deals with the ways we can change aspects of sexuality in the future, for everyone to enjoy it and find their place. I liked the fact it also included Ace and Aro people.

Spoiler free complete review

Kate in Waiting, on the other hand, wasn’t the same at all. I am very disappointed by this books for many reasons, even if I loved the characters and the message the book tried to carry. But it didn’t succeed. Not to me, at least, and I am very sad because I loved Becky Albertalli.

Spoiler free complete review

I started the second season of How to sell drugs online (fast) on Netflix and I really like it so far. It is a german show about a very introvert and awkward guy who ends up in a possession of a lot of drugs. And he has to find a way to sell them very fast: this is how he starts a whole business around it. This show is funny, amazing and the characters are so very touching.

The new season of Seven Deadly Sins really is going in circles for now, and it is becoming so long and I am scared I am going to get very bored very quick.

This rewatching Attack On Titan season two with my boyfriend and damn, I love it. It allows me to see stuff and understand stuff I didn’t understand before. Can’t wait to dive in Season three, which I haven’t seen yet. This is so so so exciting.

Podcasts episodes I listened to

This episode was very interesting. It dealt with how we should look at happiness, without thinking about productivity all the time. And I think it times like our current situation, it is important to look at life from a different perspective. It gave me another point of view on what I do of my days and what are the important parts of my life.
I didn’t expect to be this caught up by this episode, but I was. It is about how we always try to finish what we are doing, even if it is slowly killing us, instead of taking another path. As an over-achiever myself, I always put my mind into finishing my projects, even though it is eating my time and mental health, when sometimes I should just take a step back, look at where I am going, and breathe a little.
You need to listen to this one, it might be one of my favourite so far. Justin Baldoni (who played Raphal in Jane the Virgin, if he looked a bit familiar to you) explains why masculinity can be toxic for women as well as for men. It was so powerful and strong and amazing to hear a man talking about it and gaining perspective and understanding that nothing is set into stones. It also deals with education and how we can make the world a better place starting from the way we educate the younger generations.

Blog posts of the week

How was your week people? What did you read? What did you watch and listen to?
Have a nice week,

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