April round-up

Hi guys ! Can you believe the month of April is already over ? This is so so so exciting, a new month means a new adventure that begins.

I think May is one of my favourite month, because it starts getting warm but not too much. And the days are getting longer, I can go out roller skate and read in the sun, and that is amazing for my mental health.

My favourite quote of the month

The most important thing you can do in this world, the most necessary thing, is to survive it. You can’t do anything for anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first.

Legendborn, Tracy Deonn

Books I read

My favourite book

What I watched

So, that’s a lot aha. But most of those shows I watch weekly, it wasn’t a binge kind of thing.

  • I watch and loved the first season of Shadow and Bone on Netflix, and loved it. It was a very interesting take on the books and Leigh Bardugo’s universe.
  • Every Monday, I watch a new episode of Miraculous and this season is very great so far. Not my favourite but I think it prepares us for something big coming.
  • I am rewatching Attack on Titan with my boyfriend, we finished season one and we are almost midway through season two. I love discovering this universe back, and with his point of view, it gives me a new perspective.
  • I watched and finished Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ and daaamn, how much I loved this TV series ! The messages carried by the story could have been a lot deeper and well treated, but it is a first step for Disney.
  • I finished my rewatch of Brooklyn Nine Nine this month, and damn how good it felt. This TV show feels like home and I can’t wait to see where it will go in the next season.
  • Every week, I watch a new episode of Seven Deadly Sins which I love! It is one of my favourite anime ever, even if the last season goes in circle for now…
  • My other favourite anime, My Hero Academia has a new season airing at the moment and daaamn, I love it. I love those young heroes going through hell, I love the action, I love the plots and arcs and everything.
  • Love, Victor was a very show if you like the Creakwood verse, and in general. Very touching and the characters are the sweetest.
  • I just started the first season of The Boys on Prime, for the second time, and damn this TV show is violent. I would not recommend to everyone, but it sure is a great and interesting take on superheroes and powers.
  • If I had to talk about Fate, the Winx saga, I am sure it would be very funny. Because I disliked everything about this show, and yet a part of me was addicted. I won’t talk about the adaptation, but the show itself. What the hell?? Problematic as fork and they definitely didn’t know what their public was. Some scenes were made for more mature watchers (bloog, gore…) and then some dialogues sounded like it was out of a fourteen y/o fanfiction??
  • Finally, I started Dollface on Disney+ and IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. Please go watch it. Really, it is powerful and the message behind it is the strongest.

What about school?

The end is near my friends, the end is near. And I honestly can’t wait for it to be over. The work is insane and yet I feel bored all the time. The folders I have to turn in make me very anxious. Less than three months left, let’s keep it s t r o n g people. If you are in your studies and feel like giving up at the moment, please hold on, and reach out to people in your case. My emails are always opened!

Mental health check-in

AAAAH, I really don’t know what to write there. At the start of the month, everything felt great because I was at my boyfriend’s. But then I went back to France, in lockdown, in my small studio, with my friends far away from me and my broken pair of roller skates. Luckily, I was strong enough – and I am still proud about it – to reach out to my friends and loved ones.

That’s all for today people, all for April of 2021. I always think it is both amazing and very scary to realize a month was there, you lived through it and then it is over and you’ll never be able to live it again. I didn’t do anything amazing this month, or at least something amazing as society sees it. But I loved it. Because that’s all about the small victories and moments of happiness !

Have a nice day,
Estelle 🥐

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