The truth about my reader’s life

Hi guys!
I won’t lie, as a reader it happens I lie. Some times I pretend I never do some stuff, I say I read some books I haven’t, I DNF books more than I tell… A lot of things that I might need to tell you. As you might have seen on my Goals for 2021 I want to be truthful with myself and others so… Here we go, the Truth about my reader’s life!

I never finished the Harry Potter series

Yup. I have read the first and second books three times, the third one about two times. I read the half of the four book and then… Nothing more. I had already seen the movies before getting to the books, so of course I knew the big line. But when people ask me, for some reason, I am just like yup, I read Harry Potter. When I am basically a fraud. And I don’t mind. I mean, even less now that we all know the author is a massive TERF. Anyways, here was the first truth about me.

I love books-to-screen adaptation

Even shitty ones, even weird as fork ones, I just love the idea of sharing a story from a book to another media. It is a story of passion, of interpretation and of the will to share stories we love. My passion for book-to-screen adaptation is actually the reason I started cinema school, and decided to major in scriptwriting. I want to do this. I want to share the stories I love with people who don’t read. My favourite adaptation? The Movie The Mortal Instruments.

I dog-hear my pages

Yes, I do. When I have nothing else to use as a bookmark, I god hear my pages. I mean, why not? I already scribble on the pages, highlight and write my thoughts on them. It happens I won’t do it on some books I really like, but it wouldn’t stop me if needed. Woops.

I don’t mind breaking the spines

Some years ago, some months even, I would do everything not to break my spines. Everything, easing my pages, keeping the books almost closed (very useful to read, right?). And then, I realized I find it pretty cool to see broken spines on my bookshelves. It shows the books lived with me, they had an existence. And if one day I give them away, or sell them, they’ll have some kind of a soul, you see what I mean?

There aren’t many books I wouldn’t unhaul

I thought I cared a lot about my books, all of them. And then I moved and didn’t have enough space at my place to take all my books with me. I had to make choices. And one of them had to know which books I would sell, to make some room and some money. Turns out I don’t have a lot of books I want to keep with me at all time. I used to call my books my babies, but I like to give them another life now.

Some times, I think reading is a loss of time

And this is something I am struggling with, a lot. I am a very active person and I work a lot for school and my personal projects. And I don’t take enough breaks, and I know it. And some times, I don’t want to read because I feel like I am loosing my time. While I am not. Reading does not make you loose your time, it is important for yourself from time to time. And this is one of my biggest issue, not to tell myself I am loosing time when reading.

That’s all and damn, that feels good. I have more little secrets to share but I can’t come out with any interesting one at the moment. Do you share some of these? Do you have some hidden reader truth? Please, feel free to share!
Have a nice day,

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