Book review | The Sword in the Stone, T.H.White

Book description

Before there was a famous king named Arthur, there was a curious boy named Wart and a kind old wizard named Merlyn. Transformed by Merlyn into the forms of his fantasy, Wart learns the value of history from a snake, of education from a badger, and of courage from a hawk–the lessons that help turn a boy into a man. Together, Wart and Merlyn take the reader through this timeless story of childhood and adventure–The Sword in the Stone.

T.H. White’s classic tale of the young Arthur’s questioning and discovery of his life is unparalleled for its wit and wisdom, and for its colorful characters, from the wise Merlyn to the heroic Robin Wood to the warmhearted King Pellinore.

Note : 3 sur 5.

My review

I picked up this one because I am a big King Arthur fan. I love the myths around it, the tales, the legends. But I didn’t expect this. I was expecting something written for children only, something very childish, very light. But the message behind it, the whole theme of war and the education the young Arthur is given on it, is very interesting. I think it is something I wouldn’t have understood if I had read it as a kid. In this manner, I am very glad I read it now, with a mind well aware of the meaning of the book and its story.

I really loved the characters, but the thing is: this whole book was so very slow? I don’t understand why, but it feels like this whole story was an introduction of what was coming for the young Arthur. It was built, in a nice and beautiful way, but I didn’t understand the goal being the whole narrative of this story. It took me two weeks to finish it, and it is a pretty short story everything considered. So I don’t know why this gives me a sad feeling, not liking this book. Maybe because it deals with legends I love and characters I know. But… Yeah. I have mixed feelings.

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