Self care Saturday #1

Hi peeps!
How are you all?

I decided to start a new kind of articles, the Self Care Saturday. I am not sure to do it every week, for my mental health is not this good every week. But if I can share with you some stuff I do that make me feel good, it’d be my deep pleasure. So please, grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate – or even water, just stay hydrated – because here we go for my first ever Self Care Saturday. Here is what made me feel good last week!

Animal Crossing New Horizon

Terraforming and chilling

I started back my island some weeks ago, so I have all the terraforming to do, and I love it. When I take some study breaks, I always turn my Switch on for some Animal Crossing session. It makes me feel great and relaxed and I love the whole music of this video game. Also, Bunny Day is kind of scaring me off, to be honest.

Visiting some Dream islands

Look at this gorgeous island I found the other day ! It is all blue-themes- even the villagers and you should definitely check it out if you have the time.

Testing out new drink recipes

When I am bored or feel down, I love to drink some coffee. I don’t have anxiety, so it can’t trigger me. But if you do, I would not recommend caffeine, maybe go for a decaf.

Caramel brûlé latte

This one is easy, you just coffee and a little of caramel on it. Then add the milk of your choice, and you can add some milk foam or whipped cream on top. Oh, and some caramel on the cream for extra yummy.

Cinnamon & Vanilla Moon Milk

I learned about Moon Milk some weeks ago, and I am obsessed. Today, I want to share with you my own Cinnamon – Vanilla recipe. My favourite milk to drink warm is soy milk, I love the texture and the taste, so great. Anyway, I just get the milk to boil. Then transfer it in a cup, add a little vanilla extract and cinnamon. If you prefer something a little more sweet, you can add some honey or maple syrup. Enjoy, and don’t burn yourselves!

Prepping my week and my travel to come

When it comes to travelling, I always plan it days – or weeks in advance. In my bullet journal, I made a packing page because I always forget something – this is my thing. I either forget my toothbrush, my toothpaste, socks, under-wears, chargers… I swear, it is sick. Even with my list, it always happens.

Then I prepped my week, checked my deadlines for work and school – I am in advance for everything, so I am very happy and relaxed at the moment. I finished planning my blog posts, which I am in advance for as well, which makes me very proud.

Marvel marathon

Woop woop! WandaVision made me want to rewatch every single MCU work out there. I started by Spider-Man Homecoming, because I apparently won’t go in chronological order – Tom Holland everyone.

Have a nice weekend and wonderful week. If you don’t feel okay, please reach out into my emails via the page Contact. As always, thank you for reading and supporting my work.

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