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Hi guyyys!

It is time for a new bookish tag. I discovered this one over at Stars and Embers’ Youtube channel and I have to say: I am obsessed! It is one that might be easier to do in a video, but I wanted to try this way – because I am very stubborn and very lazy. The rules are simple: you are given coordinates (shelf number – book number – page number) that will lead you to a book from your shelves. And this book will answer a specific prompt!

I asked on my Instagram page people to give me numbers and ended up with way more than needed. So I picked coordinates randomly. The answers are either based on dialogues, page numbers or books in general.

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Your travel destination 3:15

I picked Splintered by A.G.Howard, so I guess my travel destination is going to be Wonderland? I am not quite sure to be very happy about that, regarding the fact Wonderland in this book series freaks the hell out of me aha.

The first thing you are going to pack 3:14:250

So, I picked up Lost Boy by Christina Henry and flipped to page 250 and, the first thing I am going to pack is a torch. Which is pretty clever to navigate the scary Wonderland, right? I mean, I would not like to be eaten in the dark, with a little bit of light it makes everything better somehow.

Your parents are a bit worried, so you need to reassure them the best you can. Here is what you are going to say 3:16:180

Book sixteen on my third shelf is The reckless afterlife of Harriet Stocker by Lauren James and the first line of dialogue I read on page 180 is… « We should go, you don’t have to watch it all ». I – this tag is hilarious. It would be such a drama queen scene, can you imagine. You need to reassure your parents and you tell them yeah just don’t watch me go, bye. My mom would kill me for sure.

What the guards will confiscate you 1:18:323

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, hopefully, it won’t be something too weird. There are *only* 321 pages, so I will stop at the last one – lucky me I read the book already aha. Wait, my phone? This is just great you know, I just literally ignored my mom’s feelings and now she won’t have any means to join me while in the scary Wonderland. This trip is going well.

What the plane staff is going to give you for dinner 3:11:137

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. I don’t even want to flip the pages, to be honest, I am going to end up eating some weird things, I can feel it. And… Yup. Bones. Nice. Getting used to the scary Wonderland in advance I see, what a delight. And I can’t even complain about the quality of service on Twitter because I do not have my phone.

Who is going to pick you up from the airport 4:15:158

Okay, I just picked up Our Dark Duet by V.E.Schwab, which I haven’t read yet. So hopefully I won’t spoil myself on anything. Apparently, Riley is going to pick me up, but I can’t remember book one or if this person appeared in the story before this volume so… Let’s say it is good news? Could someone give me a head-up? So I know what to expect?

Your first stop on the tour 2:11:200

The fourth volume on the manga series Our Dreams at Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani. Well, apparently the first thing I am going to see on my nightmarish trip is a Queer community building, which is amazing of course. Maybe it is a Queer scary Wonderland? That would make an amazing book story, right?

Instead of behind a twin bedroom, you end up having to share the single bed with… 3:8:198

Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, Kelly Link and Robin Wasserman. Thanks, gods it is a Shadowhunter novel! There are so many loveable characters in here, hopefully, I will end up with someone not too bad. Wow, so apparently I will have to share a bed with Tessa. Which is both very nice and very sad regarding Jem.

What are you going to say to ease the tension in the room 3:11:168

Norse Mythology again, this isn’t frightening at all. « I knew it wasn’t just an eagle » ?? I think I am beyond awkward at this point right? I mean, I am not especially good at small talk – I am the worst – but that is out of my reach aha. A little tip, when you don’t know what to talk about, talk about eagles.

Turn out you are quite friends now, but you miss the tour bus the day after, and this is the place you decide to go to 2:7:94

Solitaire by Alice Oseman… The third house by the river bridge. Okay, so we are in the scary Wonderland visiting weird houses together, what could possibly go wrong? (if I do not want to head home already, this is a miracle).

You accidentally awake someone by making a mistake, and this person is hella angry now, here is who you woke up 1:3:22

Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta!
Wait. No. I just woke Merlin up. That is no good. Time to run, peeps, time to run.

Quick, grab a weapon ! 2:3:55

Yes, No maybe so by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed. You guys, I have nothing against contemporary novels, but I have the feeling my weapon is going off the non-efficient kind. Wow. I am going to fight with a clipboard. This is the clue I rely on Tessa’s powers for this one, I guess.

You won! But the person you defeated was one of the guards of the town, you get arrested. You have one phone call, and you will call… 3:6:143

Heartstopper Volume 4, by Alice Oseman! And it is Nick I will be calling. This is a great idea though, I am sure he can be very reassuring. But I am definitely staying in prison, which sucks a little bit.

Your friend stuggles to get you out of jail, and you need to reassure Tessa, this is what you are going to tell her 2:11:335

I mean, at this point I could say anything from the weird eagle talk to some highly non-reassuring speech. It is the fourth volume of Our Dreams at Dusk and there aren’t enough pages, I just came back to the beginning of the book and counted again. « We will do everything for him to come and make him smile » I-

This is nice of me, but Nick coming in here and smiling to the guards won’t get me out of there.

You got out – thanks Nick – and now need new identities! 3:11:324

You guys really love Norse Mythology, but I don’t mind for this time. I mean, Norse Mythology does have some very badass names in it. Okay, so the first name I see is going to be Tessa’s and the second is going to be mine. Tessa is now going to be called Hel, and I Sleipnir, which is very badass. I like it!

Now that you are criminals, you can’t go back home. Your new residence is the setting of this book 2:8

Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Are you people kidding me? What kind of a messed up nightmarish trip is this? I am never travelling again, nop. First I go to the scariest Wonderland I have ever read of since I am a child, then I awake a powerful wizard that I somehow kill using a clipboard. And now I am a criminal on the run and the best place I find is CARAVAL?

Wait. That is actually very clever. Caraval is the place where you can truly become someone else, right? I am genius.

Now that you are settled in your new life, your partner surprise you by giving you a souvenir of your travels together 1:13:48

The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, which I haven’t read yet. But, come on, what would you offer me something to remember this trip? I want to forget about it already, don’t give me souvenirs? A tray? What? What…Why? Where the hell did she find a tray? Maybe at the same place, I found my clipboard, don’t know. Here, be a waitress now.

Time to leave a review of the trip on the website ! 1:20:108

« I heard you were unhappy about the falcons we shot »

Spin the Dawn, by Elizabeth Lim. Turn out it wasn’t eagles after all, right?

That’s it for the trip peeps! I think if there is one thing we can learn from is to never go travelling with me. You will either go to scary places, awakening dangerous people or end up in prison. Or all of those at the same time, because why not.

It was such a fun tag to answer to, and if you haven’t checked the Because we can Youtube channel, it was created for a readathon but they do release other videos from time to time and it is always a delight to watch.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting me, it means the world! Have a nice and beautiful day, and see you back in a new article very soon!

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