Places in books I’d love to live in

Hi peeps!
Today Top ten Tuesday is about Places in books I’d love to live in. I think it is going to be quite hard to choose only ten, since I tend to like every setting ever. So, let’s try to keep it short, and let’s go for the article of the day !

The academy from The House of the Night

The first book series I’ve read, including vampires and romance and love triangles. All the goodness from the 2000s, right? Well, when I was a teen, I used to dream about going to the school of the series.

The Los Angeles Institute from The Dark Artifices

Of all the places in the Shadowhunters Chronicles, the Los Angeles institute is the one I would prefer to go to. Not only because of the Blackthorn and my unconditional love for them. But also because, the weather? The sea? And the Roller Skating paths everywhere (yes, it is my dream to go roller skating there).

The Guild from Fairy Tail

Of course I had to say this. Of course. It has always been one of my dreams to go to this guild – and even powers, obviously.

The Marsyas Island Orphanage from The House in the Cerulean Sea

I fell in love with this orphanage and the children and Lynus and everyone and everything about this book. If you haven’t read this book yet, please do, as soon as you can.

The head-quarters from Renegades

You guys, I would love to go to to every setting of this series, including the underground aha. I know this is weird, but I just love the whole story so much that I wouldn’t mind living in an old underground line if it means hanging out with Nightmares.

UA from My Hero Academia

Once again, of course. Can you see the patterns here? Superheroes all the way here !

Eretz (Elsewhere) from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I had to include my favourite series in this top ten, or it would not have been one of my top ten. I dream of meeting Angels and Chimaeras and everyone from this book. Please.

The Gomorrah Festival from Daughter of the Burning City

I loooved the description of this moving circus by Amanda Foody. Full of magic and mysteries that I would yet have to discover.

Caraval from… Caraval

Of course, another Circus-like settings, because it is the best thing ever, right? I mean, of course Caraval is dangerous, but what is life without a little danger?

Yggdrasil from Magnus Chase

I choose the representation from Riordan because it is my absolute favourite one. I could have said Norse Mythology but I like my life and don’t want to die.

That’s all for today peeps!
Have you read some of them? What are the places from books you’d like to live in ?

Have a nice day and beautiful reads,

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