French book covers #2

Hi guys!
Since you guys seemed to really like the first part of this article, which you can find here: French book covers #1, I decided to do a second part. There are a lot of weird, ugly, cute or beautiful french covers out there, and here I am to dig deeper and make you discover some new ones! Are you ready? Grab a cup of tea, some cookies because here we go for French book covers #2! Or how I like to call it: me judging stuff hard even if I haven’t read most of them, round two!

The ones I still don’t understand

I should come clean to you guys: I am obsessed with the sky and sunsets and sunrises. So, of course I don’t understand this cover change. It is still one of my favourite romance novel ever, but come on French, you lost points on this one.
I- I need holy water to rince my eyes French, truly. Why? How? Why did you put an emo 2010 teen on the cover of this book? I mean, the original sure isn’t perfect but at least it won’t give me nightmares?
I have so many question, the first one being… Are the hands of this lady ok?

Not this bad, French, not this bad

Usually French, you know I hate when you do that, when you make everything black. But for this one it makes sense and it is very pretty. I love the black and pink and everything. Congrats French.
I have to admit, I prefer the original version of this book, but French you did a great job. It is pretty and the colour is less flashy which I find pretty good. What do you think?
This is one of those for which I could not choose which one I prefer. I love the design of the French cover but I am in love with the font of the original one. This is a great example of what you can do, French, CONGRATS.
I like this. But I don’t have a lot to say about it, I prefer the original one still. I am happy they kind of kept the idea of the design, it is so great.
Once again, I don’t know how to choose my favourite, what are your thoughts?
I am so very happy you changed your last cover French, so let’s forget about your mistake and focus over this piece of art.

I prefer the French one, yes

I think the original version gives a huge sci-fi vibe. And I don’t know if it is sci-fi or not, since I haven’t read this book and honestly don’t know anything about it but yes, I prefer this one.
I know it is pretty similar, but I do believe French made a better job. Congrats my precious Croissant, you are earning your points back.
Just one word: PLANTS. French, you now know the way to earn my heart. Plants. Plants everywhere please.


  • Which one of those is your favourite?
  • What do you think about our covers?
  • (please be honest aha)

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