The french covers book tag #1

Hi guys !
I answer so much tags around here that I figured I should start creating some of my own, so here we go. This tag is very simple and you don’t necessarily have to do it with French covers (I would love to see other country’s takes on some of those books). At first, I wanted to call this one the Ugly french covers book tag because let’s face it, French covers are usually not this good. But I also wanted to show you the pretty covers you can find around here. We have some gems, so here we go for the French covers book tag #1 !

Rules of the tag: for each prompt, you can answer more than one book. Share the original and translated book cover, they have to be different. It does not have to be a book you’ve read yet. And please remember that everyone has different taste, it is not because I find one cover ugly that you can’t like it.

French put people on the cover

I am usually not a big fan of people on the cover, even less if the people are looking directly at us. I don’t know, it is something that makes me very uncomfortable somehow. There are covers for which it works, others for which it does not. I am not going to give my opinion on every covers I put over here, but let’s say I am not a huge fan of French covers in general, even if there are exceptions.

Her eyes are way too scary, I want to know who had this no clever idea, please.

Flowers on the cover

The Traitor’s kiss by Erin Beaty. I don’t know if I prefer the French version or the original, but I have to admit both are pretty amazing. I love the colours the French publisher used on their version. The French title means The colour of the lie which I think sounds pretty cool.

Stars on the cover

Make it blue

French publishers like to change covers colours. Usually, it is to make it black, but I wanted a little bit of colour in my article, so here we go ! I like blue and can understand a lot of the choices down below, but I am still so so so so mad about Solitaire. I mean??? Why? Why the snow flake? Why this font? Why everything?

I like how they really put their artistic views on this one, but I much prefer the original one.

The French cover is better

Some times, it happens. French can apparently fix some covers, and make them better somehow, here are a few examples.

I am in love with this cover. I love the colours, the beige, the paint and the birds. I love everything. It might be my favourite cover of the article.

Make it purple

I still don’t understand why in the original covers, there are eyes on the covers, and in the french version… People. People everywhere. Stop that aaah.

Your favourite book(s)

This one is so very cute!

Biggest change of style

This one is such an interesting take on the cover, and I think it fits the story pretty well. I love this graphic style so much, even if I prefer the original cover.

Come on, this cover looks unfinished? Why? What it is?

I loooooove this one ! It might be because I discovered the book with it, and fell in love with it this way, but I think it is very cute and represents the story well !

French, why?

Okay, some information for you. We used to have this collection, from one of our publisher houses, called Blackmoon and they felt the need to turn everything b l a c k. Not that having a black cover is bad, but??? This cover is ugly as fuck?
I still don’t understand this one. We had three different editions of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Luckily, the last one is the same as the new US one. But…Sorry… This one above I can’t even look at without laughing. Why is e v e r y t h i n g blue? And green? Why is the image so pixelated? what does it look like an edit I could have made when I was nine?

Is this a problem for you, French?

This one I hesitated before putting it, but I think it is important we talk about that. Some French publishers have something against diversity. It is a harsh way to put it, but it is also very true. Otherwise, how can you explain those?

So, Evelyn became white.
I feel like covers are changed way more often when the model on it is Asian. Come on you guys, let’s try to be a little less obvious, please? Or a little less racist maybe?
« Okay guys, let’s try again, shall we and I- OOPS » I take this in a light tone when all I want to do is bang my head on my keyboard.
More than being indecent, this cover looks like Diddle himself vomited on it.
THE ORIGINAL WAS SO BEAUTIFUL? Also, funny story: the publisher house came up with the worst excuse when we talked to them about it. The n e r v e s.
So, the problem here is pretty obvious right? The girl lost a lot of weight between the two covers? Very nice.
Let’s finish on a little queer baiting, because why not? If you don’t see it, focus a bit on the girl’s beautiful glasses for a second…

I am definitely going to make more of those articles because there are a lot of other French covers I would love to show you! I might do other colours next time, other themes and other fun stuff about our covers. What do you think of those ones? I think we are not this bad, most of them are pretty good, even if some are very ugly to my taste. Which one is your favourite?

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7 commentaires sur “The french covers book tag #1

  1. J’ai beaucoup ri en lisant cet article ! J’avais bien conscience que les couvertures françaises étaient souvent moches, mais de les voir côte à côté avec les originales, ça permet de voir que c’est en fait pire que ce que je pensais hahaha et puis alors les dernières couvertures c’est vraiment le pompon x.x


  2. I was going to try writing this in French but my French written skills have gone down quite a lot after leaving uni and I stumble more than I used to. So much for being fairly fluent. Anyway, that purple cover of the French Muse of Nightmares is gorgeous!! I was always struck by the purple of the US edition, but it’s even more beautiful in that muted purple. The gold really shines through! I wish they could have done the same with Daughter of Smoke and Bone. That cover is garish and not nice at all!


    1. Hiiii there, bonjour aha
      French is quite a difficult language though, I can understand aha (praise to the 398439843 letters we include in our words but don’t pronounce lol). That’s so cool you studied it at uni, might have been very fun! Yesss, the cover of Muse of Nightmares really is nice, I am happy they made the decision of keeping the purple one and not the orange (even if I love this one too!). Daughter of Smoke and Bone have another edition now, they took the US new covers (with the neon) but added a lot of…. Neon yellow to it XD


  3. J’adore cet article ! Je pense que je vais reprendre le tag… ça va être amusant car j’ai souvent des goûts de couverture totalement opposés à ceux de mon entourage
    oh, et ayant lu En Cloque, je peux ajouter qu’on a également du whitewashing à l’œuvre : l’héroïne est décrite comme ayant des cheveux bruns et frisés, mais sur la couverture VF on voit un bout de cheveux lisses et blonds…


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