The house plant book tag !

Hi guys, here is a new tag up on the blog!
I am so very excited about this one because, if you know me a little, you might know that my three main passion are literature, roller skating and PLANTS! I have about 30 in my small studio and seem to not be able to stop collecting them. I am, like this, a tiny bit obsessed. I found this tag on the Youtube Channel A Bard of Dandelions but I do not know who created it. If you do, please notify me, so I can credit the person.

Without further a-do, here we go for the House plant book tag!

1. Monstera: A book that you saw so much you ended up reading

The Priory of the Orange Tree, Samantha Shannon

I mean, of course it has to be this one. I didn’t really want to read it at first, for I am not the biggest fantasy fan out there. But I decided to give it a go anyway, because I kept on seeing it everywhere and it drove me crazy not knowing what all the fuss was about. I am very happy I did read it eventually, you can find my spoiler free review here.

2. Cactus: A character you love despite their flaws

Oliver Marks from If We were Villains, by M.L.Rio

Okay, here me out. To me, a great built character is a character you are supposed to love despite their million flaws. Because it is what makes them real and tangible for us readers. Once you can identify to a character, you will obviously like them more, since you can touch with the tip of your fingers what they are feeling. Understanding is everything when it comes to people and, therefore, characters.

But since I had to choose one, I would most certainly say Oliver Marks. If you haven’t read If we were villains, feel free to read my review, maybe I can motivate you. It is an amazing book, with breath-taking settings and great characters. Oliver has a lot of flaws and yet, he is still one of my favourite fictional characters of all time.

3. Aloe Vera: Favourite comfort read

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, all the way !

I always turn to either Laini Taylor or Cassandra Clare or Alice Oseman when I need some comfort material. I was going for Heartstopper at first, but realized my most-read book might be Daughter of Smoke and Bone after all.

I like to dive into this world and this story whenever I feel a bit blue, because it feels like home and reminds me why I dream on visiting Prague one day. Also, Karou is amazing and I love her so much, as much as everything in this series.

4. Succulent: Book trope you actually love

Best Friends to Lovers, or even Childhood friends to lovers, are my favourite romance tropes ever. I do not really notice book tropes, unless it is problematic, when I am really caught in a story. But a well-built childhood friends to lovers is always something I crave for some reasons. I find it very cute how long it takes for the feelings to appear and settle and finally be revealed to the person. I think my favourite Childhood friends/Best friends to lovers couple is Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn (of course!).

5. Snake Plant: A book character that betrayed you

Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses, but not for the reasons you think

It is no secret that I am not the biggest Sarah J. Maas fan out there. I really love the Throne of Glass series, but A court of thorns and roses took me forever to finish for some reasons. And yes, I read it twice.

I answered Tamlin but it is not really about the character, more about the way he is built and the way he evolves through book two that confused me as hell. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything, but let’s say I am not happy with the turn the author made him take. Sure, his relation with Feyre wasn’t very safe to begin with (coming from a Beauty and the Beast retelling, one couldn’t expect it to be) but then something happens and the author does everything to make us hate the guy. Now that I look back on it, I don’t understand when she didn’t just gave him flaws that we could understand instead of just turning him into a monster when all of book one was about liking the guy. Anyway aha.

6. Spider Plant: A book you wish had a sequel or a series you want more of

The Disasters, M.K.England

I will never say it enough, but I NEED a sequel or a companion novel for this book. Not that it did not have a very great ending or anything, but because I crave to hang out with those amazing characters again! I want them back. I want their crew back. I want to space issues back. Damn, how I miss those disasters.

7. Peace Lily: A book with a beautiful cover

Honeybee, Trista Mateer

Don’t you some times feel like poetry collections covers are just… Superior? Anyway, I do, and this one if one of my ultimate favourites. Love the colours, love the graphic, love the font, love the drawings. Everything is so pretty.

8. English Ivy: Favourite fictional friendship group

The friend group in Hearstopper, Alice Oseman

I mean, come on. I love them. They amazing. All of them. Cute and sweet and fluffy and diverse and funny and amazing.

9. Areca Palm: A book that you think everyone should have on their shelves

Me, My dad and the end of the Rainbow, Benjamin Dean & Sandhya Prabhat

This story isn’t only about a kid who learns his dad is gay and tries to understand what it means, it is also about acceptance and opening our minds to what society calls different. It is about being inclusive and trying to understand people. And also, a great-great GREAT representation of the London Pride in this one, I adored it.

10. Chinese Evergreen: Favourite fictional world

Since I already used Daughter of Smoke and Bones I have to they… The Osemanverse, or the Shadowhunters world. Both are equally important to me, and part of my absolute favourite books ever.

This tag was so fun to answer! I won’t tag anyone, since I never do, but feel free to give me your answers in the comment down below or to tag me in your article so I can see them. I am always very curious to read about you guys ! Have a nice day/evening wherever you are in the world, and don’t forget that whatever happens, you are never alone ! Bye!

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