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Book description

Release date: 18 February.

Discover what it means to be a young transgender or non-binary person in the twenty-first century in this frank and funny guide for 14+ teens, from the author of This Book Is GayWhat’s the T?, Stonewall ambassador, bestselling trans author and former PSHE teacher Juno Dawson defines a myriad of labels and identities and offers uncensored advice on coming out, sex and relationships with her trademark humour and lightness of touch. Juno has also invited her trans and non-binary friends to make contributions, ensuring this inclusive book reflects as many experiences as possible, and features the likes of Travis Alabanza and Jay Hulme.

The companion title to the groundbreaking This Book Is GayWhat’s the T? tackles the complex realities of growing up trans with honesty and humour, and is joyfully illustrated by gender non-conforming artist Soofiya.
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Note : 4.5 sur 5.

Some infos

CWs & TWs

Mention of transphobia & dysphoria. Anxiety.

Diversity reps

Cast of trans and non-binary personalities were interviewed for this book.

Big thanks to Netgalley & Hachette Children’s Group for the eARC of this book

My review

One of the greatest thing about this book, and I say it first because that is the first thing to come to my mind, is how it could be put into anyone’s hand. Like, really. Because every information is destined not only to young (or not) transgender and non-binary people, but also to their parents, to their loved-ones, to anyone who would like some information. There are multiple ways to educate yourself on a topic and I do believe reading books about it, written by people involved in the theme/topic you are interested in, is one of the best way to do so. Because the people writing about it do it so other people can learn, other people can maybe relate, or find themselves in a book. Which can help a lot when you know how many rude questions are asked to transgender or non-binary (or even demi-gendered) people.

I am cis, so I read this book as the cis ally I want to be to transgender people. That also means my review isn’t going to be the same as a transgender or nonbinary person, since I am not directly involved in the topic. I did not have a lot of questioning about the trans community because I used to question my gender a lot and made a lot of research, to part into non-profits and stuff. But still, I learned stuff reading this book. Stuff I didn’t know. Stuff I never noticed, such as certain micro-agressions cis people can’t possibly be aware of at the first sight. So now, I let you imagine how wonderful this book would be between the hands of a person who knows nothing of the trans community. A person who’s child or sister or brother or best friend or whatever just came out to, who might ask the wrong questions, who might be rude because of the lack of education.

I read This Book is Gay some times ago, and this book made me very happy. I couldn’t wait to read more non-fiction books by Juno Dawson, and I am equally happy about this one. Maybe more, because the research behind it and the interviews and the illustrations are very amazing. The content is highly interesting to me, as I discovered so many new trans and non-binary voices through those pages. But I also got some information on the law and how it works, on the deeper issues trans and non-binary people have to face that I had no idea of. I think it can also be very helpful to trans and non-binary people or even people questioning their gender. As I told you, I am cis, so I can’t really tell you much more, but I do recommend this amazing non-fiction to you guys.

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