Unpopular book opinions

Hi guys ! Oh gods, here we are. My first ever time doing an unpopular book opinions. I don’t even know how it works really. Am I supposed to talk about peculiar books ? Or can I add tropes and stuff ? You know what, let’s do it Estelle’s way !

We were liars, E.Lockart

I am so very happy when I see some of you guys loving this book. I even saw a video in which a reader explained that this book literally changed her life. I am very glad. But damn how did I hate the hell out of this book. I still don’t know the whole reasons why and can’t remember exactly what happened to me while reading it but wow. Hated it. Hated the story. Hated the main character. And the plot twist? I laughed SO HARD because to me it was SO EASY.

Twilight, Stephenie Meyer

I don’t know if it is some kind of a trend to say that we hate Twilight now but I don’t?? Those are the books that got me into reading ? And vampires ? And paranormal romance? Those are my first fictional crush, my first ever fanfictions, my first fandom. Okay, sure, I’ve read better books since. But Twilight is still a series very important to me and I could never say I hate it. E v e r.

Enemies to lovers

I- okay don’t hate me please, but I don’t like this trope very much. Maybe it is the very fluffy part of me or maybe I still hadn’t discover a great use of this trope but Enemies to lovers definitely isn’t my favourite trope. I could even say it’s one of my least favourite. I am more of a Childhood friends to lovers kind of girl aha.

Queen of Air and Darkness, Cassandra Clare

I am still MAD at this freaking book after more than two years. Mad because everything about it was disappointing to me. The relationships conclusions, the shortcuts to close some characters’ arcs, the ending itself which I am still wondering if it was for real or a complete joke. I can’t even write a paragraph about it without sounding bitchy, sorry about that. But it is the conclusion to what was my favourite trilogy by Cassie Clare so far. And I did not like it. I mean, the whole Thule part ??? C’mon, I honestly want to cry. This book left me numb.

Clace (Clary x Jace)

Let’s stay in The Mortal Instruments for a little bit. You might all be aware this is my one of my favourite series ever. But that does not mean there is nothing about it I dislike. Clace is one of those things. I have nothing against this couple in The Mortal Instruments (or most of it, at least), I even shipped them like hell. But, they had six books for their story. Six. So why, whyyyy are we somehow focusing on them on The Dark Artifices? They are adults now, please let them go and live their lives. I don’t want to hear from them again.

Damaging books

I do all of those things and I am not even sorry about it. I admit I do not like to break a book spine, but I loooove to scribble my thoughts while reading directly onto the pages. I like to highlight and put sticky notes and fold pages and I don’t even mind if I get some coffee on my pages (which happens a l o t weirdly). I already told you in my Nice or Naughty reader tag (which will prove to you how of a naughty reader I am), but I see my books as objects that represent me. And what better way than putting a bit of myself onto it?

Call me by your name, Andre Aciman

Here. We. Go. First of all, know that I fell in love with the writing style of this book. Truly. Fell in love. And then I fell in love with the story. And then I opened my eyes and realized how freaking problematic the whole thing is. I mean. C’mon. You can like the book (I mean, I used to LOVE it) but please acknowledge the guy is seventeen. And the other one is much older. Now figure the famous peach scene. Aren’t you a little bit disturbed now? Every body has their own thoughts on the matter of course, mine being that if the main character would have been twenty, the story still would have been great, would have had the same meaning, and would have been way less problematic. And please, normalize the fact you can change your mind on things after being offered more information about it.


  • What are some of your unpopular book opinions?
  • Do you have some weird reading habits of your own?

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3 commentaires sur “Unpopular book opinions

  1. ahh okay so i really liked we were liars, but i completely understand why you might not have!! also i honestly didn’t enjoy twilight that much, but i get that a lot of people got into reading because of it!! enemies to lovers is my absolute favourite – but a lot of authors don’t do it right – so i get why you might not enjoy it!! clary x jace is something i did NOT enjoy at all either – so at least we agree on that hahahaha!! i love this post so much 💞💖


    1. Aha I love how different our opinions are XD This is so great a reminder that every reader is different at the end, right? Oh G O D S Clary and Jace honestly piss me off so much aha. Just thinking about them frustrates me some times wooops. Thanks a lot!

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