Inside out book tag

Hi guys !
Here is a tag I love to read about. I found it on a French blog, Paperblog and I was really looking forward to answer all of those. Get comfy, get ready, because here comes the Inside out book tag!

A book that brings you joy

There are a lot of books that make me happy, because this is one of my favourite things about books. The first that comes to my mind is definitely Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta. Because it is the proof a 100% queer cast book can be released and be held by a lot of people. It is also a very fun story, and the writing style highly energetic.

A book that brings you sadness

I won’t be very original on this book, but definitely The Fault in our Stars. For some reason, I never really healed from this read, it keeps on breaking my heart just thinking about it. Like, really. Even more, now that I think about it because when I first read it I was dreaming of love and… Now that I know how it feels like, to love and be loved, I can’t even begin to think about how sad and cruel this story is.

A book that brings you fear

There is only one book to come to my mind, Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell. I swear, this book traumatised be. I don’t even recall everything about the story, except that it took away my sleep for days. Welp.

A book that brings you anger

Okay. Let’s get this over with. Because I always say how mad I am towards this trilogy conclusion. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare. If you want the reasons, they all are in my Unpopular book opinions article, I won’t do it all again. Sorry aha.

A book that brings you disgust

I have none to come to my mind at the moment. If a book disgust me at the beginning, I will just stop reading it. And I am not an easily disgusted person, so good look to trigger the disgust green buddy in my mind aha.


  • What would you answer to those prompts?
  • Is there a book that really scared you to death?

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