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Hi guys!
Thursday again! (No it’s Friday, but let’s pretend I am not late, please) Book tag again! I have seen the Netflix book tag pretty much everywhere in the last few years. I loved the idea but I really wanted to do it my way, so here is the Netflix book tag, Bookish Garden style! It’s simple: I kept the prompts but changed the idea behind it. Each prompt will be linked to a Netflix TV show and a book that makes me think of it! Let’s go for the Netflix recommendation Book tag!

Click on the covers to add the books on Goodreads!

Recently Watched – Hilda

Based on this one, I would recommend you…

Ghost wood song

It’s mainly set in some kind of a magical forest. No fantastic creatures but I really thought the mood is similar to the one in Hilda. This book definitely not is one of my favs, but I liked the idea behind the story.

Top Pick: The Queen’s Gambit

Based on this one, I would recommend you…

City of girls

A girl fighting to make herself a place in the wild world, set in the 30′ (at first). I adored this book, so much!

Recently Added: AJ and the queen

Didn’t watch this one yet because I just added it to my list but here is the book I would recommend you…

Kings, Queens and In-Betweens

The story of a girl who discover who she is by entering the Drag world!

Popular on Netflix: Riverdale

I stopped watching this one after the first musical episode, it was fun but too much for me, woops. Based on Riverdale, I’d recommend…


Yes. I know. There is an adaptation of this book on Netflix. But I didn’t watch it, so I can recommend this one (right? please ^^’). It has this whole highschool mood with popular kids and love stories and dramas.

Comedies: FRIENDS

I am rewatching Friends at the moment so… here we go!


Okay. Don’t judge. Couldn’t think of anything else. Sure, it is centered on a romance but there is also a huuuge group of friends around it and it is so so so touching with a lot of funny moments!

Dramas: Unbelievable

One of the hardest and truest TV show I have ever watched. Powerful and full of meaning. Here is my recommendation…


Just trust me on this one. And get some tissues ready. And big TW on sexual assault on this book, please beware.

Cartoons: Big mouth

At first, I did not like this TV show at all. But I ended up binging it somehow, and now here I am loving the hell out of it. For this one, my bookish rec would be:

Am I normal yet

It was very hard coming up with a rec for this one, because there are a lot of characters and story lines. But I choose Am I normal yet because it deals with realizing that you don’t have to be like every one else to be worth it.

Watch again: Russian Doll

I adore Natasha Lyonne, for many reasons, and this TV show was amazing. I do not read a lot of books happening in time loops, because it makes me hella uncomfortable for some reason. So I won’t be very original and will recommend you…

Before I fall

One of the only time loop book that did not make me feel weird reading it. I loved the story line and the mysteries behind it. It is the only book I’ve read from Lauren Oliver and it was very good.

Documentaries: Cooked

I love documentaries around food and how it makes our cultures and shape the world. I have plenty on my list but I went with Cooked because it is one of my favourite.

Hungry hearts

All about how food brings us together, define our cultures and family and shape who we are. I love this collection.

Action & Adventure: The Witcher

I am not the biggest fantasy fan out there, but I did love The Witcher and can’t wait for the next season! Here is what I recommend you…

The Black Magician trilogy

I don’t see Trudi Canavan’s books a lot on bookish blogs, but they really are amazing. As I told you, I am not the best fantasy fan, but the Black Magician trilogy and other series based in this world are amazing.

New releases: Call my Agent!

The new season of french TV show Call my Agent! is on since last week and I still have to watch it. Based on the mood of this TV show, I think you might like…

The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I am cheating on this one, because it does not have a lot to do with Call my Agent, except the whole cinema behind-the-scene aspect of the TV show. But I wanted to recommend this book to you once more.


  • What are your favourite TV shows on Netflix?
  • Do you watch documentaries?
  • Have you read one of those books?

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