Summary of the week #4

Hi guys !
A little late – sorry about that – here is my summary of last week ! I worked a lot and then was lucky enough to be able to leave my place for a while and take some time off. But I am back and I have a lot to talk about !

I read

I did not finish any book this last week, but I started two new ones! I am physically reading The grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, and listening to Wicked as you wish by Rin Chupeco. You can reach the Goodreads pages of the book by clicking on their cover!

I watched

Seven deadly sins (Nanatsu no taizai): season 2 (rewatch), season 3 & season 4 | ep. 1

(The seasons 1 to 3 are available on Netflix and I highly recommend this Anime. It’s one of my favourite ever)

Friends: season 1 | ep 1 – 8 (rewatch)

How did this week feel

My weeks are always amazing when I get to spend some time with the person I love. As I told you a lot before, I am someone who wants to make the best out of every minute and I got to enjoy a lot last week – and last weekend. So my week was very great, even if I felt a bit anxious at first and very sad at last. I prefer to feel like I enjoyed it and was very happy and will live something this happy once more soon.

What I posted on the blog

Book posts



  • How was your week?
  • What did you read/watch?
  • How did you feel?

Whatever happened, I hope you are all alright and feeling well. Please, please, don’t forget you can always contact me if you feel the need or want to talk. I would love to keep you company and cheer you up the best I can !

How to support me & my work?

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As always, thank you so much for your support and for reading me! I wish you all fantastic reads, and amazing discoveries !

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