Review | Fat and Queer

Book description

Release date: May 21st

We’re here. We’re queer. We’re fat.

This one-of-a-kind collection of prose and poetry radically explores the intersection of fat and queer identities, showcasing new, emerging and established queer and trans writers from around the world.

Celebrating fat and queer bodies and lives, this book challenges negative and damaging representations of queer and fat bodies and offers readers ways to reclaim their bodies, providing stories of support, inspiration and empowerment.

In writing that is intimate, luminous and emotionally raw, this anthology is a testament to the diversity and power of fat queer voices and experiences, and they deserve to be heard.
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Note : 4.5 sur 5.

Some infos

CWs & TWs

Mention of suicide, suicidal thoughts, mental health issues, anxiety, self-harm. Fat phobia, fat shaming, eating disorders (such as bulimia & anorexia). Homophobia, transphobia, depiction of hate in general. Racism. Mention of rape, sexual assault, mental manipulation.

Diversity reps

Fat narrators, queer cast in general. Gainers. Neurotypical narrators.

Big thanks to Netgalley & Jessica Kingsley Publishers for the eARC of this book
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My review

I am honestly so so so SO happy I discovered this collection. I considered myself a deconstruct person when it comes to the LGBTQIA+ community (being pansexual & a demigirl), and the way to society sees bodies and fat people. But I still discovered so many stuff, so many interesting stories and point of view. For example, I learned about the Gainers, people who want to gain weight, for various reasons. And I think it is wonderful to have put a collection such as this one into being because it destructs many mindsets society try to stuff in our heads. The authors use many different ways to deliver their testimony, their messages, their stories. Each is fantastic in its own way, rich in meanings and beauty.

Fat and Queer is an incredible work, mixing various voices and experience so share a universal need: acceptance. This thing we all need, whoever we are, and it is harder for some people. People society see as different, people they can’t put in boxes, people who stand out in the best of way possible. And this need it showed in many different ways, including how society and people shape us. Many stories contain the way our families and friends give us advises they think are amazing when it is, in fact, destructive. How society will always lead us to more diets and standards of beauty. Even when we’re out of normal boxes, society will find a way to put norms on our shoulders. Oh, you are fat and queer? Why aren’t you butch, or bear then? The stories of this collection talk about that, not fitting into boxes but finding our own ways to be the amazing people we are.

Also, this book felt very special to me, because it is the first time since I came out as a demigirl that I read testimonies about people out of the cis queer community. I found myself on so many pages of this book I can’t even count them all. In many ways, I felt seen and understood and loved and this is such an amazing feeling when reading something. Because it talks about being ourselves and being love, by sharing love and true stories. To be totally honest with you: I wish such a book existed when I left high school. Because I used to be fat, very fat. And I hated this body. I hated myself. I hated everything about it. So I lost it all. First by being sick – thanks to eating disorders – then in a healthier way. But still. I changed myself because I did not know how to love what I was seeing in the mirror. I didn’t know how to look at myself and tell myself, damn girl, you are amazing. But as much I as wish I could have read something like this sooner, I don’t regret reading it now. Because it put things back on perspective. The authors are pretty much all older than thirty, and this is perfect. Perfect because it gave me hope that it is never too late to love oneself (I am not saying thirty is old, but I am twenty-one and thought I had wasted years hating my body).

Okay, enough talking about myself. All of this to tell you that whoever you are, you will find yourself in this book one way or another. Because there are so many experiences, so many stories, so many voices. You will learn, also, even if you think you know. Because one can never know everything since people and society are fluctuating things that don’t fit well into boxes. This book will make you smile, will make you cry, make you want to wear a bikini in front of the mirror and love yourself, or to go down the street and march to be accepted how you are. It will make you happy, will make you angry, will give you hope and love and everything you need to take a step closer so self-love. I highly recommend this one.


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