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Hey guys! Today is Thursday and Thursdays are made for book tags!
Okay, I found this one scrolling randomly to book blogs I like. And I was so so so happy, because Julie and the Phantoms is one of my favourite show from 2020. I found it on the blog Words about Words but it was originally created by Meeghan and her friend Sarah. You can find the original blog post here, and Sarah did the tag on her channel as well, here.

Now let me put the Julie & The Phantoms album on, and answer all of those. I have never been this excited about doing a tag ever before. Let’s go! Oh, and if you haven’t watched Julie & The Phantoms yet, don’t worry, this post is spoiler free, and I will also do my best to make you want to discover this show!

a book at the top of your TBR

Definitely the Guinevere Deception. I don’t know why did not pick it up this time, and started another one instead. Because this is one of my most anticipated reads ever. Also, I love the song Now or Never. I saw a lot of people online saying this is one of their less favourite when??? Hello??? The r o c k and the meaning of the whole song, and it’s even more meaningful when you know when it plays in the show. Not only the first time, but all the others as well. Sometimes you can hear a few notes of Now or Never play on the background, and it is a l w a y s in meaningful moments.

a book that you were hesitant to read

I would say my current read, Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I am not a huge classics reader, but I bought this one some times ago, since I wanted to discover more of American literature, and I started it last night. I am only one chapter into it but I love the writing so far. Finger crossed for me to like it!
Wake up is such an amazing song, but I have a l o t of questions around it. When you know who wrote it in the lore of the show, it is almost as this character knew what was going to happen, and was giving Julie the tool she would need not to dive into the shadows. Which would be very touching but also very sad when you think about it? Anyway, Wake up is not a sad song, it is full of hope and love and light at the end of the tunnel.

a sequel that you waited a long time for

Sword in the stars, the sequel to Once and Future. Which is very funny when you know I now own it and haven’t read it yet? I think I will have to re-read Once and Future beforehand, to be sure I remember all of the story great.
This band is back is a song I really like, because it is Reggie’s song. And that’s the only jam he sings on his own. Do you think we might get an Alex’s jam in the second season? Or like, a song on which this sweet angel could dance on?

a book that took you by surprise

Conversations with friends by Sally Rooney. I picked it up because I knew it would get me out of my comfort zone, and I was right, and I loved it from the first sentence until the end. I wrote a post about it here, if you want to read my spoiler free review. I still can’t believe how amazing this book was. If you’ve never heard of it, you should definitely check it out !
I don’t have a lot to say about Bright, apart from… This particular moment when Luke f o l l o w s the mic. Gosh.

an action-packed book

Hmmm, I would say The Disasters by M.K.England. It’s a standalone novel about a bunch of crazy kids lost in space, and a lot of things happen to them. Gunfights, spaceships battles and races, being lost in an unknown planet, falling in and out of love… Yup, a lot of things for sure.

a book with incredible friendships

I was born for this by Alice Oseman. And no, I am not answering this one because it is sitting on my table next to my computer as I write this. But I think every friendship in the story means a lot, because some are between people who have been friends for a long time, others between people who just met but trust one another. I love how the characters forgive each other for things nobody expected them to. For me, it is what true friendship is all about. Not forgiving all the time, but trying to understand the person, to be able to support them at best.
This is kind of what happens in Julie and the Phantoms as well, in this peculiar song. Julie opens up to Flynn, even though it is scary as fork and she thinks her best friend will never believe her. But, you know, she wrote a song. And songs are great to build strong relationships, right?

a book that got you out of a slump

If you’ve read my article on How to get out of a reading slump, you know I have a very weird relationship with reading slumps. But I would say Lady Midnight, because I re-read every time I feel a slump coming.
Also, this s o n g. It made me want to discover a duet Julie – Flynn so badly! I hope we’ll get that in season 2.

a book with a great ensemble of characters

It is very hard not to mention the same book twice, so I will go for Spellhacker by M.K.England. There is a whoooole cast of very diverse characters. And even if I did not like this book as much as I liked The Disasters, it was a fun and amazing story that I highly recommend.

the prettiest book in your collection

All depends if we’re talking about the collection I have in my apartment, or at my parents’ place. So I will go for my flat one and say my Barnes & Noble Sherlock Holmes collector book. It is honestly the most gorgeous thing in my flat, like??? So gorgeous.

a series you wish would never end

I can’t think of any, because every time an author makes a series last for too long, it never stay good until the end. At least, it is what I think. But I would have loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone to have another book in the series, because it hurt me so badly to leave this world and its characters.
Also Finally Free might be my least favourite song from Julie and the boys. I don’t know why, the rythm didn’t really get to me somehow.

your fave OTP

Nick and Charlie from the Heartstopper series ! I can’t even think about another OTP I stand more than them. They are cute and sweet and adorable and supportive to each other and sometimes awkward as fork. And I love them so much for that.
I think the scene from Perfect Harmony might be my favourite of the whole show. I swear, I have goose bumps every time I watch it. D a m n.

a book that is (almost) perfect

Hard one, because I am a very peaky reader and don’t like to put the same book twice in a same tag. Yes, I know, I like to add difficulty to my work, it is funnier this way. Is it? I am not even sure, to be honest. Maybe The Quiet at the end of the World by Lauren James. It was kind of weird I’ve not talked about any of Lauren’s books yet, so here it is.

a book that makes you cry

History is all you left me by Adam Silvera. I have a list in my head of books that made me cry so so so much, and this one is first. I can’t even think about it and some of the quote without wanting to cry. It is just too many feelings about this book, too much pain, even though it carries such a great and hopeful message in the end.

a villain you love to hate

I do believe that, if a villain is well built, you are supposed to like some part of them. This is way I always try not to hate a villain to much, because they always have some interesting sides to them (or at least, they are supposed to, right?). I can’t really think of any at the moment, but since I am to say one, I would go for Caraval by Stephanie Garber villain, won’t tell you which one not to spoil you people.

a book that gave you feelings

I- All of them?
Hmm, this is the hardest question for the end, I see. Well, I think I am going for The Loneliest Girl in the universe by Lauren James. I think I am going to re-read it soon, because I need some of those feelings again.

That’s all for this very fun tag! I was listening to the songs of the show while answering, so it put me in a good mood for the whole day aaah. I am now ready to go face my boring classes and all. Have a nice day/evening/night wherever you are in the world, and don’t forget to follow the blog to not miss any bookish tags !

I tag no one, and everyone. If you answer those, I would love to read your post, so don’t hesitate to mention me!

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