My weird bookworm habits

Hi guys !
Crazy story, I am weird. But I think we all are a little weird, so it’s fine. Being weird is the best thing ever, because it means acknowledging ourselves as original and unique people. Bookworms have weird habits too, don’t think we just go around sitting in comfy chairs with blankets with some tea. Some of us even lie on the floor when reading, and it is amazing, really.

The book sniffer

This one is the most basic weird habit of a bookworm. Every time I am holding a book, I feel the need to sniff it a little. But I have sniffing techniques. I don’t just smell the pages, but I flip them for all the flavours to release. Does it make sense? Yes it does. Definitely. I reached a point in which I can guess what a book is going to smell like by its look. Pockets books won’t smell the same as albums or very old books. What a weird thing it would be to be able do to the same for people right?

The not-sitting on your butt pro

I mentioned it, but I am not one to sit straight when reading. I spend my time changing position, it kind of helps me focus on the book I am reading. Around people, I will stay chill, sitting like a normal person, on my butt. But at home? I swear, you don’t want to open my door when I am on a reading session, this thing gets wild. I love to read lying down on my carpet, or my bed, or even my floor. Some times, I read upside down, legs against my wall like a sloth (because why not). Give me a comfy chair and I will use it in a thousand different ways, legs over the armrests, over the backrest, head upside down, kneeling on the cushions like a kid. I move too much to read still and calmly. No. Way.

The book over-organizater

This is an habit that takes time, because it isn’t only about books, but about my whole studio. The books though, take place, and need to be organized a lot. Not as much as I do though, because I am kind of obsessed. Once every week, I rearrange my shelves, organize it differently. And every time it turns out differently, this is insane. I live on a 16 square meters studio so how in sweet hell is this possible to do something different every day? I honestly have no clue. But yeah, weird habit.

The sitting and starring weirdo

Sometimes, I just sit on the floor in front of my bookshelves and stare at them. I am a bit of a creep, and I am not even sorry about that. I mean, books spines? Sexy as fork. (this doesn’t mean you can stare weirdly at sexy people on the metro, please don’t).

The too many choices struggler

Okay, this one is a weird habit but it is also pretty useful. I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t buy a lot of books when going to a bookstore. I need to choose only one. And this is hell, right? Because you choose one, and then you add another one, and another one, and without knowing it, you end up with a huge ass pile of books you can’t even carry. This happen a lot. And the weird habit of me when I can’t choose one book is to put all of it away… And choose a totally random book of the genre I was looking for, that looks interesting. I know it’s weird, but it helped me so much to discover new tittles I have never heard of before.

The drama queen reader

Some weird habit I have when reading: I can’t stop if I don’t finish my current chapter, I love to write and highlight my books, and sometimes I re-read a sentence again and again and again if I find it beautiful, until I know it by heart. But the strangest is: when the story is too much, I just need to stop for a few minutes, close my eyes, and imagine it went another way so I don’t burst into tears. Yup. Pure Drama queen. Oh, I also cry a lot, and laugh a lot, and talk aloud to the characters. Being next to me when I am reading is an experience for sure.

The everything or nothing bet

This is one that is pretty expensive and time stealing. When I start a book series, I need to read everything there is about it. Including the novellas, the short stories, the things the author put online about it. I love to know everything about a bookish universe.


  • What are your weird bookworms habit?
  • Do you sometimes spend hours looking at your books’ spines?

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5 commentaires sur “My weird bookworm habits

  1. J’adore faire voler les pages aussi pour sentir l’odeur du livre, je ne tiens pas en place quand je lis, j’ai même la tête à l’envers de temps en temps :’) Et je suis pareille pour le drama queen, parfois, il y a une phrase qui me parle beaucoup, et je vais rester bloquée dessus jusqu’à ce que je l’ai compris dans ses moindres détails…. help


    1. Y E S Le truc de la phrase à comprendre à 100% je comprends tellement! Parfois j’ai l’impression qu’il y a des sens cachés alors j’analyse tout pour au final me rendre compte que j’ai juste relu la phrase 92434398 fois, et qu’il n’y avait rien aha


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